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For sale from my own private collection are this superb pair of Luxor '12' Flying Goggles, synonymous with the Battle of Britain.


The Luxor ‘12’ goggles were the most prestigious pair of goggles available to pilots throughout the 1930s leading into WW2. Designed by E. B. Meyrowitz (EBM) of London Bond Street, the goggles were either French or English made, and favoured by fighter pilots for their exceptional visibility and clarity, as well as their good looks. Perhaps most poignantly, the goggles were seen in use in a number of period photos from the Battle of Britain, most famously the photo of 32 Squadron's Keith Gillman, on the front cover of Picture Post's August 31, 1940 edition (sadly published a week after Gillman’s tragic loss).


This particular pair are in great condition. The nickel frames show only minor wear, and are complete with a super set of tinted, yellow lenses, which is rare to find. Like most pairs the rubber cushions have hardneded, but thankfully these are in a great, displayable shape. One small section of rubber is missing next to the right-hand eye area, near to the strap fitting, but this does not detract from the overall aesthetic when the goggles are displayed. 

The goggles have their original strap fittings, however the elastic itself has been replaced. 

Overall a super pair of goggles, now very rare to find. 


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