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RAF MILITARIA was born out of my desire to provide an accessible and informative platform for fellow collectors and enthusiasts of Royal Air Force militaria, with an unashamedly deliberate focus on Flying Clothing & Equipment.  


When I obtained my first flying helmet in 2005, I was an 11 year old with the internet at his fingertips, but sadly no accessible resources to hand. I buried my nose in books and any reference materials I could find, and publications from the likes of Louise Greer & Anthony HaroldJim Weld; and, of course, Mick Prodger, greatly expanded my limited knowledge. Their books were not just a great introduction into the collecting world of RAF Flying Clothing & Equipment, in many cases they were, and still are, definitive works. See here. 


But of course I was always hungry for more. And the internet, ironically, was not forthcoming. Well over a decade later, that situation is little changed. It takes an enterprising collector to do their research. As a collector who likes to engage with others, forums and social media groups have reigned supreme for knowledge-sharing, but these are not accessible or ideal for everyone, and require a lot of rummaging and engagement to prove fruitful (though for new collectors I cannot emphasise how invaluable it is to engage with fellow collectors). 


This website, therefore, is intended as a platform for me to share my collection, knowledge and experiences for any calibre of collector to enjoy. From time to time I may list items for sale, but I would like to put a special focus on building a library of useful and engaging resources for us all to enjoy. I will welcome any input on blogs/articles you would like to see, and likewise if anyone has items they themselves would like to share then I would be more than happy to collaborate. 

Thank you, and I hope you find my website interesting. I apologise in advance for the fact that early war, namely Battle of Britain, flying clothing & equipment has special attention.

- Ben Edmonds

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