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One of the aspects of collecting RAF Militaria that has always drawn me deeper into the hobby is the wealth of friendly and accommodating dealers and specialists who are not only extremely knowledgeable but also lovely people. Whilst there can sometimes be nothing more exhilarating than securing an item at a fair or an auction for a fantastic price, I cannot emphasise how much security one can place in purchasing from a dealer. I have seen so many contemporary collectors stung by purchasing fake items at auction, or tatty items that have been incorrectly described. With a dealer you can trust you know what you are getting, and all purchases come with a money back guarantee (please see their respective websites for more details on this).

There are also some fantastic individuals who offer exemplary services in repairing and restoring original items of RAF Militaria. I can honestly say that without some of these specialists, many of our collections would not be where they are today.



These are some of the main dealers and specialists I can recommend; most of whom I have, myself, had the pleasure of transacting and working with. They are all extremely knowledgeable and more importantly trustworthy. It pays to be in safe hands.


 The Historic Flying Clothing Company 

David Farnsworth

David started 'The Historic Flying Clothing Company' in 1993 when his own collection of RAF flight gear had simply "got out of hand". Since then David has gone from strength to strength and is now one of most renowned names in the business. 

David has a superb website, with meaty updates that occur at various points throughout the year. There is only so much that can be listed; David's stock is vast so I highly recommend contacting him if there is a specific item on your wishlist as there is a good chance he will be able to assist. I have purchased some exceptional items from David over the years, and his kit is always accurately described and fairly priced. You would be lucky to find a more knowledgeable dealer.

David has seen my collection grow since I first started collecting, and has always been patient, generous and accommodating with me. I could not recommend him higher.


 Air Ministry Militaria 

Steve Milnthorpe

Steve Milnthorpe has been a household name in the collecting world for a long time, and some of my first items of flying equipment were purchased directly from him when I started collecting. You could not meet a more honest, humble dealer. 

Steve's repertoire expands far beyond flying kit though; he is renowned for overseeing some highly impressive restoration projects, well documented in various editions of FlyPast Magazine. More recently Steve completed an exceptional restoration of the cockpit section of Boston IIIa BZ 264, documented in the February 2021 edition of FlyPast. Steve's attention to detail is second to none.

Steve has a fantastic website, usually with updates twice a week, and regularly sells some extremely high quality pieces of flying kit. 


 Vintage Flying Helmets 

Mick Prodger

An individual who needs no introduction, Mick Prodger's name is tattooed on the tongues of most collectors and enthusiasts, famous for producing three seminal works on RAF flying Kit: Vintage Flying Helmets, and the two-part Luftwaffe vs RAF series. All three books have been instrumental in honing my knowledge on flying clothing and equipment. Mick does not let his name precede him; since first contacting Mick when I began collecting he has been nothing but generous, humble and accommodating with his exceptional knowledge, though he modestly waives away any suggestion he is an 'expert'. Mick prefers the term "opinionated enthusiast".

Mick is not a dealer by trade, but his website does update weekly on Sundays, usually with some exceptional, rare items. Many of my most prized items in my collection have come from Mick.


 SC Aviation Collectibles 

Samuel Corke

A relatively new name in the game, Samuel Corke started SC Aviation Collectibles in 2016 and has witnessed his business blossom in the years since. Buying and selling aviation related collectables from the early 20th century up-to the present day, Sam mainly focuses on WW2 RAF flying kit and has sold some absolutely superb items over the past few years. 

Sam is a fantastic chap and very knowledgeable on RAF flying kit. He has stalled out at various high profile militaria fairs here in the UK, including Stoneleigh, but conducts the majority of his business online, mainly through his Facebook page (click the thumbnail) or via his eBay store: scaviationcollectibles.

I would recommend getting in touch if there are specific items you are searching for.

Blighty Militaria.jpeg

 Blighty Militaria 

Jamie Delaney

Blighty Militaria have been running for a number of years now, and regularly offer some exceptional items of RAF flying kit.

Jamie Delaney started Blighty Militaria when he was relatively young; as a penniless musician he found himself buying and selling to get the items he wanted, and everything snowballed from there. Fast forward a number of years, and Blighty Militaria have become a premier name in the collecting world, offering a myriad of items of 20th Century militaria.

Jamie is a very friendly, knowledgeable dealer, and has been able to help me with specific items for my collection that I was struggling to locate. 


Given the fact that many of the items we collect are at least 80 years old, there comes a time that certain repair jobs may need to be carried out. I cannot stress, therefore, the importance in having a reputable, skilled individual who can be trusted to carry out repair work sympathetically.  


 Sefton Clothing Co 

Stephen Silburn

Stephen Silburn, a man who needs no introduction, started Sefton Clothing Co in 1989 as a result of a long edified love affair with flying clothing and equipment. Since then Stephen has provided the collecting world with museum-quality reproduction items, ranging from B Type Flying Helmets to D Type Oxygen Masks. Many of these items have seen a myriad of uses, from museum displays to film productions; most recently Stephen contributed some fantastic kit to the Dunkirk (2017) film.

Stephen is perhaps one of the most humble individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting in this hobby. He has always been generous and accommodating with his expert knowledge, and for collectors like myself he is perhaps best renowned for his meticulous repair work. My collection would not be half of what it is without Stephen's contribution. It is perhaps a testament to Stephen's work that in writing a section on repair specialists, he is the only name I am happy to provide.

Stephen can be easily contacted through facebook (please click the thumbnail to be taken to his page), but he is also available via email:

Please note that due to the quality of Stephen's work he is regularly in high demand, so please be understanding of his busy schedule if contacting him.

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