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For sale from my private Battle of Britain collection is a brilliant example of the RAF Type D Oxygen Mask. 6D/105. This example has been expertly restored.


The cornerstone of any Battle of Britain collection, theType D Oxygen Mask is one of the most synonymous items of flying kit associated with the Battle of Britain and early war period. Constructed from a very fine barathea wool, the mask was chamois lined with internal cardboard and solder wire helping shape the mask to the wearer’s face. In practice the masks did not usually provide a sufficient enough seal, and oxygen leakage was common.


As the photos show, the mask is in superb condition owing to an expert restoration by Stephen Silburn at Sefton Clothing Co. When I purchased the mask it was New Old Stock (NOS), but sadly had suffered a significant amount of moth damage to the exterior wool. The difficult decision was made to have the mask restored, using original wartime material from British Army Trousers. The results are tremendous. Stephen even went as far to copy the contrast stitching of an original, pre-war mask in my collection.


Of all of the D Masks I have seen and owned, this is definitely one of the better ones. It is a large size and has a wonderful shape to it, and the interior chamois is still in excellent condition. The mounting ring has only little surface wear. Only the exterior wool has been replaced: everything else is still completely original.


I have included some photos of how good the mask looks wired up (microphone and loom not included).


This is a great opportunity to obtain what is, for many, the holy grail of Battle of Britain flying kit, and a great investment item. A reluctant sale due to a minor upgrade within my collection.


Please note: only the Type D Oxygen Mask is for sale. All the other items are for demonstration purposes only.

Please click here to secure the item by emailing me, or alternatively use the form on my CONTACT page.

If the item is not available, you are still welcome to enquire and I can add you to a wants list should the item turn up.

Please see FAQ / TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information on ordering.

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