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For sale are a nice, named pair of RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Gloves, Size 9. 22C/758 + 763.


As the photos show, the gloves are in good, used condition with some noticeable flaws that could be fixed, should the buyer be interested in repair work. The gloves were clearly used a lot, most likely in a fighter aircraft, as the majority of the wear is isolated to the right hand glove where the leather on the forefinger has ripped through. The palm of this particular glove is sweat stained, but the leather has held up well.


Both gloves are otherwise in good condition, and the left glove especially is still lovely and supple. The left glove is named inside, so worthy of further research, and both carry lovely AM markings and are a size 9. Like most ‘pairs’ these are odd left and rights that have been put together (the concept being that this would avoid theft at factory level) but they display nicely together and are a great colour match.


Both zips run very smoothly and are without flaws.


Overall a good pair of these scarce flying gloves, which represent fresh value should the buyer be keen in restoring them.

Please click here to secure the item by emailing me, or alternatively use the form on my CONTACT page.

If the item is not available, you are still welcome to enquire and I can add you to a wants list should the item turn up.

Please see FAQ / TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information on ordering.

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